You hammer,you feel

A Valente Electric Piano is different from any other electric piano, starting with its exclusive hammer action structure. The instrument’s pendular system provides a tactile and gravity response that ensures excellent playability – presenting you with a whole new experience.

The keys are meticulously calibrated – one by one in a manual process – to ensure the best response.

From your hands tohandpicked components

Our meticulous choice of components and materials to manufacture the hammer action structure is a fundamental part of the Valente Electric Piano’s sound and playability.

The keys and the hammer action set are made from several plastic materials to meet the demand of each stage of the system giving it lightness, durability and flexibility to resist vibrations and shaking

The pickups are produced with a mineral fiber and plastic compound that makes them light enough to ensure the best quality when capturing the sound waves.

Unibody harp:the ground floor to great music

The Valente Electric Piano’s harp was designed to be as light as possible to be the perfect base for the instrument’s heart. It precisely balances weight with the exact amount of metal necessary to provide optimal resonance. 

Because it is an unibody part, it can be easily removed for maintenance, making it very user-friendly.

Unusual pickups to makeunbelievable sound

The Valente Electric Piano uses pickups that were developed exclusively for it. The combination of neodymium magnets with the coil inductor gives the instrument a unique timbre and a lot more punch, as well as sensitivity that captures the piano’s respiration and the dynamic of the music in a very organic way. Additionally, its hambuckers configuration delivers a whole new experience of harmonics and amplitude of tone controls.

Only 41.8 lbs:light enough for you to take your music wherever you want

Traditional electric pianos can normally weigh over 110 pounds, i.e. real back-breakers. We meticulously designed the Valente Electric Piano to be not only lighter – weighing only 41.8 pounds – but also ergonomically easy to carry. In addition to ergonomics, we designed it to be great to look at. An instrument to play and to contemplate.

A living instrumentmade for a long life

It’s become common for companies to assign a useful lifespan to their products – it’s called planned obsolescence. At Valente Pianos, we don’t do that. That’s why every detail of the design and choice of components aims to build an instrument for a long life, as well as making maintenance more practical.

Natural exotic wood edges:from the 50s to today

We sought inspiration in the lines of classic cars from the 1950s – the period when the first electric pianos were being made – to create a Valente Electric Piano’s look that honors the past while remaining contemporary. Made of sustainable tropical andiroba wood, the instrument’s sides have a warmth that only wood can give, with a perfect balance of style and durability. And we were careful enough not to discard any parts of wood letting nature express itself with its texture, grain, notches and gnarls making each piano edge exclusive.

An interface forexperimentation and expression

The Valente Electric Piano has two smart knobs (volume and bass booster and brilliance). These functions change according to the adjustment level, giving it a wild sound experience that begs you to experiment with the possibilities that result from the combination of the intensity of the controls.

Additionally, the Valente Electric Piano control interface is positioned on the left side, for an easy one-hand reach. The amplifier output is on the same side, so you won’t need to access the back of the piano when you’re playing.

Before you play it,you tame it

Despite the vintage aura that reflects its electric heritage, the Valente Electric Piano is a completely new animal – a true electromechanical piano that honors its history, but includes unique innovations designed entirely for today’s musicians.

Damper pull system:you pull, you command

We designed the Valente Electric Piano’s damper pedal so you can use it with a simple, but ingenious, movement. It works differently to most other pianos, making its activation a lot more practical and appropriate for an instrument that weighs only 41.8 pounds.