You are just one step away from acquiring a musical instrument loaded with soul that also has incredible features. A true electromechanical piano that honors its history but includes unique innovations designed specifically for todays musicians. There is a Valente Piano one click away, waiting for you to make true music. Now it’s up to you.

    • Weighing in at only 41.8 lbs, it’s truly portable.
    • Hammer action with built-in mechanism made of polymers giving it a smooth and nice feel
    • Harp built from a delicate system of counter-hammers and reeds with machined components, manually adjusted one-by-one
    • Neodymium electromagnetic pickups designed exclusively for the Valente Electric Piano.
    • Natural exotic sustainable andiroba wood edges with matte varnish finish.
    • Vinyl lid.
    • Pedal and damper pull-system that can be disassembled.
    • Friendly interface with output, volume and bass booster and brilliance control knobs.
    • Easy one-hand movement to access the control knobs.
    • Straight-up factory warranty. If there are any manufacturing problems, we’ll ship you a new one.
    • Legs and case are not included.